Sunday, 28 March 2010

'Justice for Hollie Greig'

For further reading on the story of Hollie Greig: click here
Or, listen to the RedIceCreations interview with Anne Greig and Robert Green: click here


  1. royalty,catholicism and governments are coming down and we will all be soverigns under common natural law. The beasts are about to be destroyed and a new awareness will prevail.

  2. there will be a new world order but not their disgusting one, it will be our order of freemen in a civilised world and hollie greig is the one who will cause the collapse of the established society of liars,cheats and pervert criminals who are now cornered and dangerous. We must be persistent and agressive in our cleaning up movement and avoid violence.We must starve them of their resources eg votes and practice non complience with their rules and regulations.We dont need leaders, we know instinctively what is right and wrong and their society of greed, heierachy and perverse indulgence is wrong, dirty and unacceptable in our new world order.

  3. and I agree, this little ray of truth will bring down the bigest scandal of our time.!

  4. Each of these stories resinate an energy. The Hollie Greig story has a very dark and very wrong energy and I believe these are the stories (generally not covered by the media) are the most important to speak out about. These stories are the weak links in the chain and it's vital that we expose them.

    Hollie's story deserves to be heard by everyone and I plan to produce more graphics encouraging people to investigate further.

    Thank you sincerely for your comments. m