Monday, 11 January 2010

Final Lawful Rebellion Logo Design

I have recently been working with Mike Robinson from the UK Colomn website/publication on the development of a logo for 'The Lawful Rebellion'

The Lawful Rebellion can be described as the following:

"Lawful Rebellion describes a movement, not an organisation. It is not a Political Party, nor is it aligned to any Political Party. Individuals and groups operate as a team where no one person or organisation is in control. We are simply people, groups and loose organisations gathering together in sufficient numbers so that our message(s) of concern and the truth about what is happening around us is heard and fully understood by the public at large. Exposing the truth is the first step to exposing the Treason and corruption destroying our Nation State. Awakening the 40 million UK adult voters will provide the power to remove the imposed EU dictatorship. The awakening has started and will increase at an exponential rate. Each individual's effort will help that rate accelerate.

Lawful Rebellion simply means learning to say "No!"


  1. Given the bloody history of the Union, I think the union flag is wholly inappropriate as a logo for the Lawful Rebellion movement. Also, it is odd that we choose a dove as a symbol of peace - since pigeons and doves are one of the few birds who kill their own kind.

  2. I think a megaphone logo would work, following the great YouTube vids from cveitch. Maybe 'Consensus facit legem' as a motto eh?

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